Damage Claim Guidelines

All damage claim requests must be submitted in writing via email to Pacific Beach Bikes at [email protected]. Claims must include a description of the damage and must be accompanied with a digital photo(s) that clearly show the areas of concern. Do not send damaged merchandise directly to Pacific Beach Bikes. Prior to submitting any damage claims, review all information below carefully so you can assess whether your problem qualifies as a damage claim. Once you have correctly filed your claim, you will receive confirmation and instructions from a Pacific Beach Bikes employee.

Shipping Damages

Pacific Beach Bikes is not responsible for any damages that occur during the shipping process. We do not provide returns, refunds, credits, or replacements for any parts that have incurred cosmetic damages (scratches, dents, etc.) during shipping. Customers who wish to replace any such parts will be responsible for the cost of the replacement product as well as shipping costs.

Manufacturers’ Defects

Pacific Beach Bikes is not responsible for any defects or damages caused by manufacturers. Such defects are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and customers agree to indemnify Pacific Beach Bikes from any such claims.

If a customer receives merchandise from Pacific Beach Bikes that is believed to have been damaged outside of the shipping process, they must submit a written description of the damage and corresponding photos to [email protected]. Once a damage claim has been approved, the customer must prepare and package the merchandise for return shipment. Pacific Beach Bikes will arrange for a pickup of all returns on manufacturers’ defects, which will be sent directly to the manufacturer. In some cases, customers may receive replacement parts without having to return the original purchase in part or in full. Determination will be made based on written damage claims and photos on a case-by-case basis. New or replacement parts and bicycles are sent through the same shipping process as the original products were sent. Once the manufacturer receives returned items, it can take up to 30 days for the customer to receive replacements.
All claims for manufacturers’ defects must be received by Pacific Beach Bikes within 7 business days of receiving said merchandise. Pacific Beach Bikes will review the claim to determine cause and manufacturers’ defect liability. All claims will be responded to within 5 business days.


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Conflict Resolution

We are committed to resolving disputes within one week. If problems arise, users may contact us by email: [email protected] or telephone: 858-220-6187