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  • Speedometer icon to represent the top speed of this electric bike model

    Top speed20 mph

  • Battery icon with a lightning bolt to represent the max range of this electric bike model

    Range45+ miles

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    Payload350 lb

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Holds the kiddos. Plus groceries.


This next-level hauler is perfect for taking the kids across town or loading up at the hardware store. The electric cargo bike’s elongated frame and lower center of gravity provide stable, reliable rides, even when you’re taking full advantage of the 350 lb. payload capacity. Take a passenger (or two!) for a spin. Our family-friendly accessories get the whole gang outside.

“Best Electric Cargo Bike”

Electric Bike Review

“RadWagon 4 is the best electric cargo bike we’ve tested.”

Outdoor GearLab

What’s the range?

Up to 45 miles+ per charge

How much can it carry?

350 lb.

How powerful is the motor?


Ebikes built to handle your everyday.

Size guide

Tailor-fit comfort. For every rider.


30” bike inseam

Slide the scale for your bike inseam measurement


You will be able to pedal and stand over the frame comfortably.

Chelsey’s measurements: bike inseam 26″/ 66cm, height 5’4″/ 163cm

Jon’s measurements: bike inseam 30″/ 76cm, height 5’7″/ 170cm
LaRissa’s measurements: bike inseam 32″/ 81cm, height 6’0″/ 183cm
Tyler’s measurements: bike inseam 34″/ 86cm, height 6’2″/ 188cm
Dive deeper

Select a feature to explore in detail.

Telescoping seatpost

Equipped with a telescoping seatpost with a 375 mm maximum length that’s capable of accommodating riders between 5’1″ – 6’4″.

Integrated rear rack

Attach bags, baskets, passenger seats or simply strap on bulky items – the extended size and integrated rack make hauling a cinch.

Geared hub motor

Climb hills and zip across intersections powered by our Rad-engineered 750W motor, designed in-house to help you go steeper at lower speeds.

Custom tires

The 22″ x 3″ tires, designed in-house by Rad engineers, feature a custom tread pattern for smoother riding on uneven surfaces, and an overall size that provides a lower center of gravity.

RadWagon™ 4 Electric Cargo Bike
Design driven

Each piece designed for a purpose.

Built to share

Whose turn is it to take the kids? Either way, the ecargo bike’s adjustable handlebar and telescoping seat posts let you quickly achieve a custom fit for either parent.

Master of the drop-off line

Maneuver easily – even when loaded up! Our in-house team of engineers kept a low center of gravity for balanced, stable rides.

Put the ‘go’ in ‘cargo’

Max out the RadWagon’s impressive 350-lb. payload capacity by strapping on bulky items, attaching panniers, platforms, or baskets.

Your minivan may get jealous

Create the ebike setup ideal for you and your crew by adding a childseat, caboose, deckhand, running boards, and more.

Our most popular accessories

Bundled and ready to ship.

Rad accessories

So many ways to ride rad.

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Replace the minivan

Bring the crew and their gear. Choose an orange or blue child seat.

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Everyone pile in

RadGrins are meant to be shared. Now you can do so with multiple passengers.

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Do it all

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been this easy – or fun.

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Safety & quality

Engineered to put safety first

Explore our first-class safety features for all rider types.


We go the extra mile.

Rad frames are designed to meet international standards, including the guidelines set by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission and European Committee for Standardization.

See and be seen

Safety is paramount to Rad engineers. Reflective striping is incorporated on tire sidewalls, plus the LED headlight and an integrated taillight with brake-light indicator keep you visible to all.

Precision in practice.

Every ebike, without exception, receives a thorough 50-point inspection. How in-depth is it? Even the screws are double-checked.

Reliable service and support.

Free, fast shipping

Wait less, ride more. Enjoy fast, free shipping on all ebike orders.

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2-year warranty

Ride in confidence. We’ve got you covered.

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Explore our Help Center

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Additional information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in