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Confidence. Comfort. And plenty of cargo.


Leave the minivan behind. Our fan-favorite electric cargo bike just had a glow-up. The RadWagon 5 provides a condensed frame for better handling, a plethora of advanced safety features, and more carrying capacity than ever before. But it’s not just better for kids and cargo — it’s been revamped to help riders from 4’11” to 6’3″ find their fun.

Top speed 28 mph

Battery icon with a lightning bolt to represent the max range of this electric bike model

Range 60+ miles

Lightning bolt icon to represent the motor power of the electric bike

Power 750W

Icon of a weight to represent the payload capacity of the electric bike

Payload 375 lb

Shield icon to represent the warranty for Rad Power Bikes electric bikes

Warranty 2-year


Logo communicating that this product is UL certified

SafetyUL Certified

Icon of a person riding a bike uphill to communicate torque for this electric bike model

Torque90 Nm

Remarkable rides.

Our rugged fold-and-go model is built for big fun — and small spaces.



What’s the range?

Up to 60 miles per charge

How much can it carry?

375 lb. (265 lb. max rider)

How powerful is the motor?

750W / 90 Nm

Image of a man in his driveway with the RadWagon 5 Plus in Metallic Blue.

Ebikes built to handle your everyday.

Size guide

Tailor-fit comfort. For every rider.


30” bike inseam

Slide the scale for your bike inseam measurement

RadWagon 5

You will be able to pedal and stand over the frame comfortably.


Madison’s measurements: bike inseam 32″, height 5’8″


Cedric’s measurements: bike inseam 31″, height 5’9″


Avery’s measurements: bike inseam 34.4″, height 6’1″

Dive deeper

Safe for riders (and their precious cargo)

Improved Handling

More compact than the RadWagon 4, the redesigned frame promises nimble, sturdier handling — even when loaded up with gear.

Right side view of a Metallic Blue RadWagon 5 electric cargo bike
Design driven

Each piece designed for a purpose.

An image of a family riding their Rad Power Bikes. On the left, a man is riding the RadWagon 5 Plus in Metallic blue with a child on the back. On the right, a woman is riding a RadRunner 3 Plus. Everyone is wearing a helmet.

Wriggly cargo welcome

Fun fact: Parents on our design team helped develop the RadWagon 5. They’ll be the first to tell you that kids love the open-air rides. With new family-friendly accessory combos, you can customize for the perfect school drop-off or a fun weekend pick-me-up.

An image of the rear-facing turn signals on the RadWagon 5 in Metallic Blue.

Industry-leading safety

The Safe Shield Battery with thermal-resistant technology sets a bold new standard for ebike safety — and for even greater rider confidence, the RadWagon 5 is equipped with turn signals, hydraulic disc brakes, and a brighter, 200 lumen headlight.

A close up image of a RadWagon 5 Plus in Metallic Blue. The image shows the Thule Yepp Child Seat, a caboose, with an emphasis on the extra cargo space.

A workhorse (on wheels!)

It doesn’t get more comfortable than this. There’s front suspension for unexpected bumps, a lower center of gravity for added stability, and a responsive torque sensor for a consistently natural ride feel. We’ve upped the power for faster hill climbing — even when fully-loaded.

An image of a woman riding a RadWagon 5 on a city sidewalk. The bike is outfitted with a large front-mounted basket & rear-mounted panniers. She is wearing a helmet.

Easy, breezy rides

It doesn’t get more comfortable than this. There’s front suspension for unexpected bumps, a lower center of gravity for added stability, and a responsive torque sensor for a consistently natural ride feel.

Works great with

Get ready to ride.

Rad accessories

So many ways to ride rad.

The RadWagon 5 Plus in black with a Large Front-Mounted basket, basket liner & rear-mounted panniers.
An image of the RadWagon 5 Plus with 2 Thule Yepp Child seat, large front-mounted basket, large basket liner & Rad Mirror.
An image of a RadWabon 5 in black with a Thule Yepp Child Seat, caboose, Rad Mirror, small front-mounted basket & basket liner.

An all-in-one hauler

Carry and store groceries or gear.

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Rethink the family SUV

Carry up to two kids — and all their snacks.

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Rule the school

Personalize for easy drop-offs and quick pick-ups.

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An image of a family in the the driveway of their house with the RadWagon 5 Plus in Metallic blue. The ebike is kitted with a Thule Yepp Child seat, caboose, large front-mounted basket & large basket liner.
Safety & quality

Engineered to put safety first

Explore our first-class safety features for all rider types.

Image of the SafeShield battery on the RadWagon 5 in metallic blue.

All eyes on you

All 2024 models feature a bright 200 lumen headlight for safer night riding and rear-facing turn signals that let cars, pedestrians, and fellow cyclists know your next move.

Close up image of the rear-facing turn signals on the RadWagon 5 in Metallic Blue.

Ride rain or shine

Our 2024 models are built to handle the rain. With industry-leading IPX6 weather-protection, they can withstand high-pressure, heavy water splashes. And for added safety, they’re equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to ensure all-weather stopping ability.

Close up image of hydraulic brakes on the RadWagon 5.

Reliability on wheels

Keep the ride going. This model features a thru axle to ensure a strong, safe, and secure wheel system.

Close up image of the thru-axle on the RadWagon 5.

Raising the bar

Both the electrical system and the batteries on this model are UL Certified to UL-2849 and UL-2271.

To set a new standard for ebike safety, the Safe Shield Battery features thermal-resistant technology, which means that each cell is encapsulated by a unique heat-absorbing resin designed to prevent an accident from escalating.


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2-year warranty

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Additional information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in