Store Policies

For detailed information on our policies and procedures for Pacific Beach Bikes returns and exchanges, please review the specifications outlined on our Return Guidelines.

Any and all returns are subject to Pacific Beach Bikes refund policies. Any products that have been damaged or bicycles ridden after purchase will not be accepted. Damages include and are not limited to: scratches, dents, tears, marks or other minor imperfections. Any damage that does not impede the structural integrity of a bike or any other product, or that does not hinder a product’s functionality and safety is considered Allowable Damage. This may include, but is not limited to: scratches, dents, and blemishes that are not covered in the warranty. For cases of serious damage, which impedes a bike functionality or safety, customer may be eligible to receive replacement parts or products. All returns and replacements are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your purchase has suffered damage beyond Allowable Damage, you must follow the steps as outlined in the Damage Claims Guidelines

While Pacific Beach Bikes strives to maintain the highest quality of product, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that any and all purchases they make through Pacific Beach Bikes are in good and acceptable cosmetic and working condition upon receipt of their product. Any bike or product purchased and personally delivered in San Diego County, are assumed to be in perfect working order and aesthetic condition.

Pacific Beach Bikes reserves the right to deny any return or exchange that is deemed fixable, or if the reason for the return is unfounded.

Returns and/or exchanges will not be accepted for any special order models. If you believe that you’ve received an order in error, or incorrect merchandise, DO NOT send the merchandise back. Please contact us directly at 858-220-6187, and we will arrange for a pickup of your order. After the item(s) have been picked up, we will send your corrected order immediately or as soon as possible based on current stock availability. The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all exchanges. There is a $10 fee for pickups in addition to any shipping costs.

Shipping costs for unauthorized returns will be billed to the customer.

Manufacturers’ Defects / Damaged Merchandise

If your order has arrived damaged, is in non-working condition or with manufacturer’s defects, do not send products back to the Manufacturer or to Pacific Beach Bikes. For damaged product guidelines please refer to our Damage Claim Guidelines page for detailed instructions.

Shipping & Handling

Pacific Beach Bikes ships via Fed Ex, UPS and USPS. Delivery of merchandise does not require a signature from the recipient unless the signature option is requested at the time of purchase.

Pacific Beach Bikes is not liable for products that are lost, stolen, or damaged after they have been delivered. The customer assumes responsibility for any additional return shipping costs should they fail to accept an ordered shipment.

Pacific Beach Bikes Warranty

All purchases made through Pacific Beach Bikes include a 1 minimum year manufacturer warranty. Bicycles purchased within San Diego County that need repairs or replacement parts will be fixed at no charge during the warranty period. However, Pacific Beach Bikes will determine cause of damage and reserves the right to refuse repairs or part replacements if we determine that aggressive riding or inappropriate use of the product caused the damage. Warranty coverage is only applicable for manufacturers’ defects and damages that result from regular use. To obtain repairs and replacements under warranty, please contact Pacific Beach Bikes at 858-220-6187. Repairs, parts, and services from other stores or mechanics will not be covered by the Pacific Beach Bikes warranty and we will not reimburse customers for any such products or services. Customers will not receive replacements in part or in full for parts or merchandise if Pacific Beach Bikes determines that any damage or other problems can be repaired and bikes can be returned to full working order.

Merchandise replacements may be issued if a problem recurs within 1 year and regular maintenance or repairs do not permanently fix the problem. Such replacements will only be made during the first year after original purchase date. The following circumstances may render our warranty null and void: accidental damage, misuse, modification, improper operating environment, poor or inadequate maintenance, and any failure for which we are not responsible. This replaces all other warranties; express or limited, including implied warranties of merchantability. The limitation on warranty and liability is included in all terms of sale and constitutes as a binding contract, which may be enforced by law. Customers agree that total cost of any and all liabilities, regardless of fault, shall be limited to the total cost of purchase or $199, whichever is greater.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

All bikes include manufacturers’ warranties. Manufacturers’ warranty coverage may vary. To learn more about the manufacturers’ warranty for a bike you have purchased, visit the manufacturers’ website. Most manufacturers offer replacements during the warranty period, however, shipping and labor costs are usually not included in warranty coverage. The sole remedy of said warranties or any other warranties, implied or stated outright, is limited to replacement of defective parts with working parts of equal or greater value. All warranty coverage is provided at the discretion of the product manufacturer.

Pacific Beach Bikes will facilitate manufacturers’ warranty claims for the first 90 days after purchase date. Any warranty claims made after that period are the responsibility of the customer.

Most manufacturers’ warranties do NOT cover the following: gear/brake adjustments, alterations, aftermarket part installations, wear and tear, accidental damage, shipping damage, rust, blemishes, broken spokes, tires and tubes that rupture during or after being inflated by the customer during assembly, and ongoing or future care and maintenance.

Bicycle Maintenance

We encourage you to maintain the general care and use of all products purchased from Pacific Beach Bikes.

The preservation of tires and inner tubes can be done through careful and regular inflating upkeep. For customers who have assembled their own bicycles, Pacific Beach Bikes will not replace or refund ruptured tires or tubes- as they cannot evaluate ruptures to determine whether the tire wall was placed correctly inside the rim or if the tube was inflated to the correct psi. In most cases at home assembly ruptures are not covered under the Warranty.
Make sure you wipe down your bike every few days to prevent rust build-up. Due to the environment, elements of nature and general storage of your bicycle, rust is a natural occurring reaction and will not be covered under Pacific Beach Bikes Warranty.

Assembling your bike

Bicycles ordered online for “Pick Up Assembled In Store” are fully assembled and ready to ride upon delivery or pick up.

All customers who specifically order unassembled bikes through Pacific Beach Bikes assume full responsibility for having a bicycle shop assemble the bicycle. In addition, customers are liable for full regular maintenance their merchandise (bicycles, accessories and additional parts) as necessary.

Legal Terms & Conditions

Pacific Beach Bikes Warranty, which is included with all purchases, is limited and applies in place of any federal or state consumer warranty laws. Customers assume full responsible for understanding the terms and liability as set forth by the Pacific Beach Bikes Warranty. Pacific Beach Bikes is not liable, under any circumstance, for any third-party claims made against customers for losses or damages, including loss or damage to property, records, and/or data, consequential damages, such as loss of profits or savings, and incidental damages.

Pacific Beach Bikes operates within the State of California. As such, laws of the State of California shall govern all purchases and other agreements made between customers and Pacific Beach Bikes. All parties hereby agree that disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of San Diego, California.

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